Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Cambridge MA

Eco Floor Sanding proudly offers traditionally finished wood floors without sacrificing air quality to our customers in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding and Eco Friendly Finishes

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High-Quality Hardwood Flooring Services in Cambridge that are
Eco Friendly...

Eco Floor Sanding proudly offers it’s eco friendly hardwood and flooring services to residential & commercial customers in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Our dustless sanding process and eco friendly finishes not only allow you to breathe clean air during and after our hardwood floor finishing process, but also allows you to enjoy a durable and maintainable finish.

Dustless sanding and eco friendly finishes help with the following:

  • Less mess compared to other traditional sanding methods
  • Less dust and debris in the air and finishes
  • Improved air quality indoors
  • Faster and more efficient practices
  • The eco friendly finishes we use are higher quality products than standard finishes
hardwood floors refinished by Eco Floor sanding- serving Cambridge MA

Quality Workmanship Worthy of Your Investment

Free 3-year Warranty On Workmanship

hardwood stairs refinished by Eco Floor sanding- serving Cambridge MA

With over 10 years of experience and expertise, Eco Floor Sanding is a reliable flooring contractor. Our excellent craft and superior products provide long-lasting, durable flooring.

At Eco Floor Sanding, we care about your trust and customer experience by providing:

  • Up-to-date insurances
  • High-quality products and materials
  • Detail-oriented and thorough procedures
  • Consistent communication
  • Your job is managed by an experienced site supervisor

Discover Dustless Floor Refinishing

Inquire about our dustless service for your residential or commercial hardwood floors.

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Hardwood Flooring Services in Cambridge MA & Surrounding Areas

Free 3-year Warranty On Workmanship

Why Choose Eco Floor Sanding

Choose experienced, reliable  hardwood flooring contractors that  warranty their workmanship

Eco Floor Sanding was established in 2015. We have a long-standing reputation for well-trained staff. Our procedures ensure each job meets the standards of a well-built, long-lasting floor and durable finish. From start to finish, your satisfaction with our service and craft will always be our top priority. Ask about our 3-YEAR WARRANTY ON WORKMANSHIP.

You can rely on Eco Floor Sanding’s team for your hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, repair, and carpet installations. 

Contact us for residential or commercial flooring. We will help you understand your options for products, processes, timelines and pricing.

The Main Benefit to You

When you choose Eco Floor Sanding, you choose a company that values quality and customer relationships above all else. We may be more expensive than some competitors. This is because we are unwilling to cut corners in our process, materials or staff training. 

You will not find another flooring outfit that will work harder to ensure that you are delighted with the results of your project. So look at our customer reviews, and check out our wood floor refinishing portfolio.

Recent Projects in Cambridge

hickory hardwood floors in Cambridge MA refinished by Eco Floor Sanding
hickory hardwood floors in Cambridge MA refinished by Eco Floor Sanding
hardwood floors and stairs refinished in Cambridge MA

See Wood Floor Styles and Finishes

Modern commercial floor and stairs refinished at Smith Center, Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.
Beautiful wood register installed on Broadway in Cambridge, MA.
Stairs and upstairs hallway refinished in Wellesley, MA.
Wood floor refinished, hallway in Stockbridge, MA.
Specialty wood inliving room.
Detailed wood inlay perfectly staine and finished in Watertown, MA.
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Customers Reviews

“Eco Floor Sanding is one of those companies that home owners (and businesses) need to have on their preferred vendor list. I saw their work in our neighbors Victorian home where they flawlessly matched wood over a century old with freshly colored and impecably fitted new material. That convinced us to finally have our hardwood floors, only 40 years old, sanded and refinished. We were so very impressed with the workmanship, professionalism, and results. Truly in awe of their outstanding work. We highly recommend this company.”
Chris G.
“I am exceptionally pleased with the beautiful job Berj did in my home. A second floor renovation needed new flooring in addition to refinishing old flooring which had been carpeted over for many years. He also repaired the risers on my front staircase. Berj is an excellent craftsman who takes pride in a job well done. I would recommend him and his crew to anyone needing new flooring—they are first rate!”
Patricia S.

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