Hardwood Floor Staining

When you choose us to stain your hardwood floors, the job gets done with effortless skill and precision. 

Get professional floor staining with our experts.

Eco Floor Sanding’s team is skilled in the art of staining floors. Staining can add character and depth to your hardwood floors. Our skilled team will be able to achieve your desired color using standard oil based stains, creatively mixing colors, or utilizing aniline dyes to obtain hard to achieve color tones. Our custom staining solutions are sure to satisfy your individual needs.

Our Experience Is Just What You Need

Our team has what it takes to deliver the results you’ve come to expect. With more than 20 years of experience, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Read about why Eco Floor Sanding is the only choice for your floors and take a moment to check out our portfolio. Our services will surely meet all of your unique needs.
Get the Effect You’re Looking for with Professional Floor Staining
  • Creative artistry
  • Custom color options
  • Variety of finishes 
  • High-end brands
  • Green products

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Beacon Hill harwood floor next to marble.
Herringbone natural look, rustic finished wood floor.
Hallway with dark floor stain in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Light hardwood dining room floor stained and finished.

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