Carpet Installation

Quality Carpet Installation
Quality carpet makes a room look warmer and feel more livable. Carpet not only feels soft beneath your feet, but it is also a good insulator to keep heat in during winter. Padding beneath the carpet itself will help to reduce noise when compared to other flooring options. Carpeting comes in a variety of patterns and textures. Colors can create a welcoming environment for your living areas, bedrooms, stairs, and more. 


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Commercial Carpet

The best carpeting option for commercial spaces is carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares. These come in a variety of design options. These do not require padding or tack strips which makes the installation process easier and quicker. If one or more tiles become damaged, these can be replaced one by one. 

The Various Types of Carpet We Sell
carpet Level Loop Carpet.

Level Loop Pile

Ideal for Casual room with high traffic and activity

carpet Saxony.


It is similar to velvet but it’s not quite as smooth, will show foot and vacuum marks. Suites for a formal look in a room with low traffic.

carpet cut loop.

Cut Loop

This pattern combines cut and loop piles to create texture and contemporary look for any rooms. Tip sheared pile is used for decorative effect to create a patterned effect consisting of shaded areas. The style produces a textured surface that can obscure both dirt and footprints.

carpet Shag.


Shags have a variety of yarn thickness and textures to bring a unique look. Very Soft to touch and a different texture than most carpets. However, often preferred as a rug, rather than wall-to-wall carpet as susceptible to uneven wear. Can become hard to clean as easy for dirt to get tangled in the long tufts.

carpet velvet plush carpet.

Velvet Plush

A relatively short pile that creates the "velvety" appearance. It feels very soft and gives a comforting look, but requires some maintenance. It can develop patches of "shaded" areas, and these patches can eventually become worn if in high traffic areas or under furniture. To avoid this, the carpet needs to be brushed regularly so the tules go back to their original upright position. Ideal for low traffic areas. Considered luxurious. Similar velvet/velour carpets but with a longer pile. Twisted in a similar way to a Saxony carpet but without the same degree of the heat setting. Best in homes where there isn't too much traffic or in rooms that aren't frequently used.

carpet Frieze.


Frieze texture will bring a contemporary look to a carpet. Good for a medium to high traffic areas at residential space. The yarn used is produced by folding two or more individual yarns together. By giving each component yarn a different degree of twist, the resultant yarn does not stand upright and instead takes on an irregular or random appearance.

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Beacon Hill harwood floor next to marble.
Great room floor refinished in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
Hallway with dark floor stain in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Luxury carpet next to refinished wood floor.

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